An open source engine for license management on the JVM

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IP Protection

License keys get digitally signed using a configurable algorithm to protect your intellectual property.

Privacy Protection

License keys get encrypted using a configurable algorithm to protect the privacy of your customers.

Modern Cryptography

The API lets you configure all the cryptographic algorithms implemented by the security providers in the JRE.

Hacker Protection

Configuration employs a fluent API, not text files, to protect your app from simple reverse engineering.

Pervasive Obfuscation

String constants and byte code get obfuscated with the TrueLicense Maven Plugin and ProGuard.

Small Footprint

License keys get compressed using a configurable algorithm to save storage and bandwidth.

Many Options

Supports free trial periods, subscriptions, multiple editions (feature sets), internationalization and more.

Many Interfaces

Provides an API, a CLI, a GUI, a ReST-based WSI, and JSF pages.

Many Modules

Separate modules make it easy for you to shop for exactly the features, technologies and interfaces you need.

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